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A family in need.

Ms. Lopez, a single mother with multiple young children in a time of need. Her children needed medical care, as did she. Options were limited, she did not have medical insurance through her work, and she needed somewhere to turn to help her family. On the advice of someone she trusted, Ms. Lopez visited HCAM’s offices with her children to seek assistance. When asked about that first visit, and every visit, she responded… “HCAM does things differently. They are warm and welcoming. They don’t scare or intimidate you like other places when talking about healthcare. They care and they are there to help you. HCAM did more than just help me and my family. They educated me on how healthcare insurance works and helped to prepare me to complete forms and do things for myself to maintain my Medicaid insurance.”


"HCAM is my life support. They motivated and helped me get my life back when no one else would."

- Ms. Harris, HCAM Client


A time of grief.

Ms. Harris experienced every parent's darkest fear with the tragic  homicide of her son. Her grief was overwhelming. In spite of having friends and financial resources, she spiraled down until one day, deeply depressed, she planned to walk off a fifth-story balcony. By chance, she came across a HCAM brochure and made a last call for help. We connected her with the right services and stuck by her beyond that. Today, 10 years later, Ms. Harris still calls HCAM "my life support. They motivated and helped me get my life back when no one else could."



A mental health crisis.

Ramar, a young man in his early 20’s, suffers from bipolar disorder. But before working with HCAM, he’d never been treated or diagnosed correctly. Instead, he’d lost his health insurance and racked up medical bills totaling thousands of dollars. He had no trust in healthcare providers and was deeply depressed, on top of being bipolar. We got to know Ramar as a person, not a statistic, and developed a level of trust. Our case workers dedicated themselves to his health, putting him in touch with the mental health doctors he needed and connected him with health insurance. They put him on the road to managing his illness and prior finances. And today, he’s got his life back.

HCAM Client, Population Health

HCAM Client, Behavioral Health
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HCAM Client, Connector